Vivianne Chappuis

PD Dr. med.

Universität Bern
Klinik für Oralchirugie und Stomatologie
Freiburgstrasse 7
3010 Bern


Vivianne Chappuis is an Assistant Professor and Oral Surgeon at the University of Bern. During her research fellowship at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, she examined the molecular basics of bone regeneration to delineate the potential role of growth factors and bioactive molecules. She continued her translational research in the field of tissue regeneration and digital 3D computational imaging. She earned a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Entrepreneurship and as Business Economist. In 2018, I was awarded with the André Schroeder Research Prize. As an Oral Surgeon with broad experience in tissue regeneration, she is deeply involved in teaching, training, performing live surgeries, workshops and lectures in national and international courses and congresses.